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We Offer Compassionate Online Therapy to Residents of Ohio and Wyoming

My Integrity Counseling provides online therapy to Ohio and Wyoming residents. Telehealth mental health counseling offers many unique benefits, including schedule flexibility, affordability, and secure, confidential treatment. Our counselors are experienced and compassionate therapists who understand how important it is to listen. Because of our flexibility, we can treat a wide range of conditions and traumas, including depression, anxiety, and substance abuse treatment. We work with individuals, adolescents, adults, families, and couples. Most importantly, we take many forms of insurance and have a sliding scale for those who do not have insurance.

Adolescent and Family Counseling

Our counselors have extensive training and possess the skills to treat adolescents and provide counseling to families. Many of them have families themselves, giving them unique insight into the difficulties that families face. We are there for you because we want to see every family succeed. Our professional expertise, combined with our parenting experience, makes us an excellent resource.


Anxiety symptoms are a common problem and one that we have extensive experience managing. In many cases, anxiety is rooted in past trauma, and we have learned to survive. But surviving isn't enough. Our team wants to help you learn to thrive and manage your anxiety. Regardless of your triggers, we can help you recognize them and find ways to cope. With our help, you can live the life you want to live.

Trauma-Related Symptoms

Trauma – no matter what it is – can cause tremendous heartache and difficulty in our lives. When we have experienced trauma, it can be challenging to thrive in our daily lives. Painful past experiences can be managed, though. At Integrity Counseling LLC, we give you the tools to process your trauma and begin your journey toward better health.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Our substance abuse counseling services are here to support you on your journey towards a healthier, happier life. Our experienced and compassionate counselors provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore the root causes of your addiction and learn effective strategies for recovery. Whether you're dealing with alcohol, drugs, or any other addictive substances, our evidence-based approach will help you regain control and rebuild your life.


Whether it is the loss of a parent, sibling, spouse, child, or close friend, grief is powerful. It can stop us in our tracks. Our therapists understand how challenging grief can be. We want to help. We tailor our treatment to each client, understanding grief manifests itself in numerous ways.


Depression is a common issue for many Ohioans. It can stem from past traumas, and there can be a biological component. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Depression is a chronic issue, but you can live a fulfilling and happy life with the right set of tools. Our counselors can help.

Marital and Pre-Marital Counseling

Whether you want to start your marriage on the right foot or yours has hit a rough patch, our marriage and relationship counselors can help. Relationships take a lot of work and can be difficult for even the happiest of couples. We offer both Prepare/Enrich and Symbis pre-marital assessments.

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My Integrity Counseling provides a full range of counseling services to the LGBTQIA+ population. Whether you are exploring your sexuality, in the process of coming out, transitioning, or dealing with work/family issues, we provide a safe place for our clients to work towards their therapeutic goals. We also provide faith-based counseling for those who are interested.

Clergy-Related Issues

We have plenty of experience working with clergy to discuss the unique issues they face while doing their important jobs. Our founder, Philip McClelland, has a Masters’ of Divinity and has over a decade of pastoral experience, allowing him to help clergy members with their specific needs.

Adjustments and Life Changes

Right now, it seems like everything in our lives is changing. We want you to know that there is still security available – even when it seems like there is not. We can partner with you to rediscover the security that was lost.

Online Addictions

We create a safe place where our clients can discuss their problems openly and without judgment. We know how complex the digital world can be and all the landmines that exist. There are numerous types of online addictions, including cybersex addictions, net compulsions, online relationship addictions, compulsive information seeking, and computer or gaming addiction. We can help with all of them.

Not-for-Profit Organizational Consulting

We provide organizational consulting as part of our services. Our goal is to help not-for-profits excel and provide excellent services for their clients. We have years of experience dealing with the particular concerns of non-profits.

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