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Kaleigh is someone who always shows compassion to those she speaks to and truly listens when you’re opening up to her. It’s wonderful knowing that she’s someone who will always be in your corner when you need her and the advice she offers is always practical yet considerate of your circumstances.

Shayna Fritz

I have had the privilege of maintaining a professional relationship with Hannah Tabory for the past 8 years. Hannah is professional, compassionate and caring. She is devoted to helping individuals, couples and families through strength based , empathetic treatment interventions. She thrives at creating and maintaining positive relationships with those she interacts with and I would recommend her as a very experienced and attuned therapist.

Mary Beck

I have been working with Claire Slak and she has been absolutely terrific. I used to be very nervous about therapy, and prevented myself from going for a long time, but she has made me look forward to every session. She has helped me progress incredibly in my mental health, self care, and self valuation. She is understanding, empathetic, and puts a ton of effort into helping me deal with stress and anxiety. It took so long for me to find someone I was comfortable talking with, and having Claire to work with has helped me get over the dread of having to talk to someone openly. If you need help, especially with anxiety, she is an absolute pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend her enough. If there were 6 stars reviews she earned the extra star! 6/5.

Hayden Capace

I have known Phil for years and I would describe him as someone who has devoted his life to helping people in need, be it emotional, spiritual or just someone that understands what you are going through. He is a trustworthy and compassionate person. You would be in good hands with Integrity Counseling.


Phil is easy to talk to and you truly feel he is HEARING you. He is driven to help people through life's rough patches and help you build up your personal "tool box" to work through whatever the future may throw your way.

Amy Gregg

Phil is caring and professional. He wants to help people. He takes time to evaluate a situation and strives to help where he can. He is a man of faith, skill, and integrity!

JJ Voelker

I have maintained a professional relationship with Phil McClelland for the better part of a decade. Throughout this time, I have found McClelland as conscientious and empathetic. He has proven honest and authentic in all our interactions. I have made referrals to Integrity Counseling in the past and will do so in the future.

Kevin Wilson

Professional, very knowledgeable, and helpful. I strongly recommend Integrity Counseling!

Jennifer Stankiewicz

Phil is a genuinely caring person. I've worked with him in a different field and know he is ethical and deeply concerned for the mental and spiritual well being of everyone he works with.

Jody Dorsett

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