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My husband and I have known Phil personally for a little over five years. He is a trustworthy friend and confidante to us both. Phil has always been a great listener with a genuine and compassionate spirit. Throughout our years of friendship we have reached out to him for guidance within our family life, we have always respected his words of wisdom and advice. Our family receives great peace and comfort from our conversations with him and the peace of mind of knowing he will always keep our discussions confidential. We believe in Phil’s ability to be unbiased, non-judgmental and forward focused. It is an honor to know him as a person and a friend.

Neina Roberts

Phil is an excellent counselor and person. He is very knowledgeable and compassionate in his field and with other people. He listens with his heart as well as with his head. He will never judge, demean or degrade you. He will always lift your spirit, bolster your self confidence and self esteem. He knows and understands the human condition. Phil has helped me by walking with me on my life journey. He is a wonderful man, a wise counselor, and a great friend. You will be blessed as he walks with you on your journey too.

Karl Rein

I have known Phil for many years now and you cannot find a kinder, gentler soul among us. His calm spirit and ability to just let you talk is what makes him the man he is. There is no judgment, there is no condescension, there is just patience and understanding.

Jeff Specker

I have known Phil for years and I would describe him as someone who has devoted his life to helping people in need, be it emotional, spiritual or just someone that understands what you are going through. He is a trustworthy and compassionate person. You would be in good hands with Integrity Counseling.

Dan Stank

Phil is easy to talk to and you truly feel he is HEARING you. He is driven to help people through life's rough patches and help you build up your personal "tool box" to work through whatever the future may throw your way.

Amy Gregg

Phil is caring and professional. He wants to help people. He takes time to evaluate a situation and strives to help where he can. He is a man of faith, skill, and integrity!

JJ Voelker

I have maintained a professional relationship with Phil McClelland for the better part of a decade. Throughout this time, I have found McClelland as conscientious and empathetic. He has proven honest and authentic in all our interactions. I have made referrals to Integrity Counseling in the past and will do so in the future.

Kevin Wilson

Professional, very knowledgeable, and helpful. I strongly recommend Integrity Counseling!

Jennifer Stankiewicz

Phil is a genuinely caring person. I've worked with him in a different field and know he is ethical and deeply concerned for the mental and spiritual well being of everyone he works with.

Jody Dorsett

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