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Why Online Counseling

Online mental health counseling provides amazing opportunities for personal connection and flexible scheduling while being surprisingly affordable.

What We Do

We want to create safe places for each of our clients to talk freely, no matter what is on their mind.

Meet our Team

Online mental health counseling can become an awesome resource in your journey towards personal health. Talk to one of our therapists about your goals!


"Phil is an outstanding counselor / therapist / life coach. I found Phil’s teaching style to be completely individualized to my need of encouraging growth and stability in my own life. For me, that looked like setting healthy boundaries, keeping track of moods, daily habits, and uncovering areas of my psyche that were stuck in the past. Phil is also a great active listener (Which is incredibly healing for the student and not every counselor can accomplish this). Phil empowers his students to take control of the sessions so they can maximize their growth and healing, while also providing guidance and gold nuggets of wisdom along the way. He is a very well balanced and respectable human. My life is better for having worked with him. Extremely grateful to have crossed paths with him." -A

"He knows and understands the human condition." -K

"Phil is easy to talk to and you truly feel he is HEARING you. He is driven to help people through life's rough patches and help you build up your personal "tool box" to work through whatever the future may throw your way." -A

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Mutual, Summa Health Care, Buckeye, and Molina Health Insurance accepted.

Cash pay options available at reasonable rates.

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